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The increased mental health burden is significantly impacting the quality of work and life for people around the globe.

As a result, practitioners who work in the healthcare-, education-, coaching- and organisational development industries need access to effective and innovative practical tools to help improve their clients' productivity and wellbeing.

We developed assessments, tools, systems and strategies that can easily and effortlessly be implemented for people requesting help from a therapist, coach or consultant.

Become a licensed user to reap more benefits and expand your toolbox. 

 Benefit 1 

A significant reduction on our online assessments: the Sensory Matrix™ and Senses on Call™. You can resell this to your clients for profit. You will receive 2 FREE assessment tokens when you sign up as a licensed user. 

 Benefit 2

A listing on our website under "Licensed Users/Associates" including a description of the services you offer, your area of specialisation and contact details. You will benefit getting exposure from our search engine optimisation and marketing efforts. 

 Benefit 3

24/7 Access to the Practitioners Training Course recordings on our LMS (learning management system). The most recent and updated course recordings get uploaded to our LMS for you to watch and review as often as you'd like.

 Benefit 4

1-hour monthly group webinar and mentoring from Dr Annemarie Lombard. CPD points are allocated as accredited by the University of Stellenbosch. All our training webinars get uploaded to our LMS (learning management system) and you can revisit them at your own leisure.

 Benefit 5

You will get free, unlimited access to our LMS (learning management system). This includes a dedicated membership channel of relevant learning content: sensory processing information, research articles, videos of all webinars, case studies, etc. 

 Benefit 6 

We have a commission sharing principles for any corporate, call centre or education training work. We outsource work to our licensed users when we cannot deliver it ourselves. We can also choose to include a licensed user in our projects and remunerate accordingly. 

 Benefit 7 

You may purchase Sensory Intelligence® material, illustrations and images to use with your clients should you wish to do so - no need to reinvent the wheel. 

About you

  • You want to expand your toolbox, become the practitioner of choice and grow your business
  • Attended the 3-day face-to-face or 12-module online Sensory Intelligence® Practitioners Training Course
  • You must have a graduate degree (or relevant continuing education) in the healthcare, coaching or human resource fields. 
  • You work with people and have a true interest in the wellbeing, productivity and quality of your clients' lives,
  • You are planning to use the Sensory Matrix™ on a regular basis. 


About us 

  • A winning team who deliver simplistic solutions that really works
  • Innovative and out of the box thinking
  • Professional expertise with a  global footprint and unquestioned reputation
  • A no-fuss approach, yet deeply rooted in neuroscience and research
  • A unique focus on the environment, sensory processing and our7 senses 
  • We believe in lifelong learning and continue to read, learn and grow ourselves
  • We live our 3 core values daily: Simplicity, Innovation & ComPASSION


Join our VIP licensee  circle 

We will guide you through the step-by-step sign-up details.

We are providing various options based on your needs: 

1. User option: 

  • Choose your user option - are you an individual practise with 1-5 therapists/coaches working together from one single site?
  • Or are you a group practise (6-50 people) that work together? If you are less than 6 but work for a bigger group across multiple sites, you need to apply for the group licensing. 

2. Licensing option: 

  • Advanced option: Reduced Sensory Matrix™ rates + web listing 

  • Premium option: Reduced Sensory Matrix™ rates + web listing + monthly 1-hour webinar + LMS + CPD points 

3. Payment preference: 

  • You can choose to pay monthly or annually. For annual subscriptions, you pay for 11 months but get 12 months. 


  1. Going through this process will take you to the check-out page for payment.  Premium users will also be signed into the LMS membership portal and linked to the Zoom webinars with payment confirmation. 
  2. You also need to complete an application form in order for us to capture all your details for the web listing and your profile on our testing system. We will direct you to the application form after sign-up.
  3. Please note - we charge in USD which means that our "local is lekker" South African clients might have some minor fluctuations due to the exchange rate... we really want to automate the process. If you pay through this system, we will pay your VAT. 
  4. There is also a licensing agreement, privacy policy and website T&C's on the check-out page. Those are the legal gibberish that we all need, so do go through it. 

"We have found the Sensory Matrix tremendously valuable for our clients in our mental health facility and return to work practise. Most new patients that are referred for out OT treatment receives a Sensory Matrix assessment. The report suggestions are easy, simple and practical. It provides information that our clients can implement regardless of their current state of illness. It creates a positive and proactive approach which give your patients hope and facilitates their recovery journey."


Nadia Joubert and Keri-Lee Roebert

Occupational therapists at Work 4 Life 

User option


1-5 employees in single site business / practice

  • Healthcare Practitioners
  • Coaches
  • Training service providers
  • Wellness Practitioners 
  • HPCSA / Coaching certified

User option


6-50 employees in business / practice

  • Healthcare Practitioners
  • Coaches
  • Training service providers
  • Wellness Practitioners 
  • HPCSA / Coaching certified