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Sensory Matrix™ x 2

The Sensory Matrix™ is an online assessment and practical sensory guide to improving your mental health, wellbeing, productivity and relationships.  

What you'll get:

  • You will receive your TWO Sensory Matrix™ assessment passwords straight after purchasing, in your inbox. Just follow the instructions to complete and receive your results
  • A 26-page report filled with your individual results, interpretation and strategies 
  • Easy, practical and effective tips and tools that are easy to implement and will immediately make a difference to your productivity and wellbeing
  • More than 10 000 people have completed a Sensory Matrix™ - join them to take your self-development to the next level!  

What People Are Saying:

My time spent with Annemarie helped me immensely as I tried to navigate the challenges of online learning and Covid at the start of my university career. Through coaching I was able to develop the skills and tools I needed to maximise my productivity and efficiency of my studies and how to adapt and plan my time to accommodate the ever changing world that we live in. I also learnt how to adapt these tools and skills through the different phases of life I will go through. This experience truly was something that helped me change my life in such a positive way and is an investment in myself I’m glad I made as it will benefit me for years to come.

Alex Sequeira

I love how it guides me through my journey.

Bernadine Douw

The Sensory Intelligence matrix™ has really validated things about me that are part of who I am and how I function in this world. The strategies and support offered can be life changing for anyone who is interested in improving your mental health and wellness on a daily basis. It's about knowing yourself and meeting your own needs.

Nancy Dowling

Sensory intelligence® ! The ancient wisdom of the body! If you are looking to gain further insights into how and why you show up in your day to day living I would reccomend that you investigate the offering that SENSORY INTELLIGENCE can make to this deep work. Delivered by Annemarie Lombard in an easy to understand fashion this is a must for you or your loved ones. Perhaps the Matrix Questionnaire would make a great Christmas gift for someone you care about !

Peter Womersley

I really appreciated the detail the Sensory Matrix™ assessment report went into. It was easy to understand and had lots of ideas I could implement straight away whilst continuing on my sensory journey.

Daniela Schwedler

Taking the Sensory Matrix™ test was an eye-opening and enlightening experience for me. Understanding the effect of your senses on your behavior is more important that you think, in that the effects are fundamental and far reaching. Having the knowledge allows you to either avoid or prepare for the interactions that cause you stress. Ultimately, small changes in behaviour can lead to more happiness and contentment in your life, which is something that everyone needs in these times. My advice - take the test, you will not be sorry. The report is an extensive document and you will learn a lot about yourself. The team at Sensory Intelligence® are kind, caring and knowledgeable people and this translate into their products.

Desmond Kurz

I highly recommend doing the Sensory Matrix™ developed by Dr Annemarie Lombard. Discovering how the world around you impacts your senses is a life-changer. And for businesses - let every employee do the Matrix and watch productivity soar!

Annemarie Cilliers

This is a fantastic tool to understand yourself and others.

Marc Lindsay

The Sensory Matrix™ and debrief is a must for any workplace or married couple. Understanding and acknowledging that people have different sensory thresholds and what those thresholds are will bring out the best in any relationship. This relationship could be personal or work related. So glad I did it for myself as well as for my employees.

Sakkie Basson

The updated Sensory Matrix™’s appearance reflects its content: it is FANTASTIC! I enjoy the natural flow and layout. It is uncluttered, clear, beautiful and easy to use with clients. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Marieta du Toit

What a wonderful tool, helping people make sense of their world and the way they respond to it. The Sensory Matrix™ is truly an inviting tool and easy to follow. It provides rich information around our sensory input that no one should be without. The practical sensing strategies are just amazing and really makes life easier.

Colette Swart

I came across the sensory intelligence® free test by chance. I decided to take it and was amazed by the info provided that I took the sensory matrix™ too;). I am a systemic coach myself and I can say I that the detailed report provided is accurate and I particularly appreciate that there's neuroscience behind the results. I highly recommend it. Ana Torralba, systems innovation consultant & coach. Spain

Ana Torralba

Refreshing! Marieta du Toit helped me to get all my senses in sync with my body, my environment and the people around me. Personally, and professionally it boosted my confidence and renewed the way I interact with my spouse, son and co-workers. As a mom of a 2-year-old, it literally opened my eyes to new and different ways of encouraging my son and teaching him to see and explore, to listen and to deal with emotions. As a professional, working in an open plan environment, she gave me tips/snacks on how to address the immediate red flags and how to communicate better, amongst other things. This in turn helped me to be a more efficient and productive employee, a better mom and a better wife. Sensory Matrix™ makes you realize that we are all different, but knowing yourself, together, we can reach for the stars and beyond! I’ve switched to the Sensory diet and it is working WONDERS!

Sarie Dippenaar

I highly recommend that everyone take the time to understand and work with their sensory thresholds using the Sensory Matrix™. The first step is knowing that your sensory processing is genetic. Then use the extensive, truly actionable support provided after completing the assessment to achieve one’s best self in any situation. The Sensory Intelligence Consulting team is outstanding both in knowledge and caring.

Stephanie Morrison

An excellent and clear tool that can make sense of why you (or someone else) thrive better in some environments and feel like you need a breather in others. Understanding yourself first is key to wisely regulating your approach to life. A well set out report, easy to read and structured.

Verity Joyce

An excellent resource and highly recommended gaining a deeper understanding of oneself.

Mary Anne Constable

The Sensory Matrix is a great way to understand our senses and how we respond to the environment. Great tips – sensory snacks and diets to add to your day and week and sensory ergonomics to consider any changes to your environment to help you function more effectively. Great team – communication and access to the assessment were quick. Would highly recommend it.

Jo Morgan

The Sensory Matrix is the golden thread to promote health and well being in our lives. A practical guide to encourage a lifestyle where we can manage our energy and our response to the input of the world around us.

Elrie Maree