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Comprehensive Practitioners Course for Adult Sensory Processing

Be part of a new revolution in healthcare and workplace productivity!

Course access: 1 August - 31 October 2024
First live Zoom session: 15 August 2024

Southern Africans / SADC countries contact us for your "MANDELA" discount

What you'll get:

  • An in-depth understanding of adult/adolescent sensory processing and the neuroscience behind it;
  • Insight into the Sensory Matrix™ assessment and use thereof to help yourself and your clients towards greater self-acceptance and self-regulation; 
  • Upskilled in assisting people in realizing how to improve the quality of their own life, home, work and relationships;
  • The most recent and updated research and development of sensory processing for adolescents and adults;
  • Expand and improve your service offering as a healthcare provider/coach;
  • A staff development- and training methodology for organizations interested in investing in their employee’s mental health, wellbeing and productivity.
  • 30 CPD points, accredited through the University of Stellenbosch
  • 20 CCE units Core Competencies, accredited through ICF, and 16 Resource Development hours

The course is a 15-module, online, blended learning experience with self-directed- and live Zoom sessions, running from 1 August to 31 October 2024 with the first live Zoom session on the 15th of August. That is 30 hours of training by the experts. 

There will be two time slots available for the live Zoom sessions:

  • 9.00-11.00 AM SAST, South African Standard Time, UTC+2.00,
  • or 3.00-5.00 PM SAST, South African Standard Time, UTC+2.00.

The slot you choose will apply to the 6 live Zoom sessions only. Self-directed learning can happen when it suits you best.

The learning modules are: 

  1. *Orientation and introduction to Sensory Intelligence®
    Live Zoom 15 August 2024
  2. *Theory and constructs of sensory processing
    *Research and science 
  3. *The human brain
    *Neuroscience systems, pathways and sensory connections
  4. *Sensory self-assessments for adults
    *Sensory audit™ for the environment
  5. *The Sensory Matrix™ introduction
  6. *The Sensory Matrix™ for yourself
    *Systems & Total scores
    Live Zoom 5 September 2024 
  7. *Intervention models and frameworks 
  8. *Mental health and wellbeing
    *Sensory overload, stress and arousal 
  9. *Mental health discussions and groupwork
    Live Zoom 19 September 2024
  10. *Relationships conflict and harmony based on different sensory thresholds
  11. *Workplace productivity and goodness-of-fit 
  12. *Relationships groupwork
    *Workplace productivity groupwork
    Live Zoom 3 October 2024
  13. *Sensory Matrix™ for clients - application and case studies
    Live Zoom 10 October 2024
  14. *Implementation, next steps and the way forward 
    Live Zoom 17 October 2024
  15. *Bonus session Q&A's

You are required to add your profession, registration body and number when you sign up. This is a requirement to enter the course. If you need more information or require entry without this, please contact me: [email protected]

Cancellation Policy: There is a 50% cancellation fee for training cancelled 2 weeks prior to the date. Any cancellations within 2 weeks will be charged for in full.

What People Are Saying:

Wonderful experience! Enjoyed this course from start to finish. A skill every OT working with adults/mental health needs and as a bonus a journey of self discovery as well. Thank you for a well put together and very professional course!

Emmé du Toit

Annemarie is giving us permission to be who we are and the sensory snacks (tools), diets (activities) and ergonomic(environmental) knowledge to maximize the way we are designed so that we can minimize stress, maximize our attention and perform well in our daily lives.

Samantha Toweel-Moore

I recently completed the Sensory Intelligence® Practitioners Course and it was a phenomenal platform for developing both personal insight and professional skill.T he course highlights the profound impact by the environment, on our individual sensory systems and in turn, our ability to function optimally. With awareness and insight, one can learn skills to adapt and regulate within context, so that wellness, productivity and quality of life may be improved. The course was run and facilitated by the founder Annemarie Lombard herself, together with an exceptional team of therapists. The level of knowledge, wisdom and professionalism was world-class. Principles, assessment and intervention strategies are rooted in complex, research-based evidence, yet were simplified and made accessible, in a user friendly way. I would endorse and recommend this course to any professional seeking to improve overall quality of life for self and others.

Galetea Lipshitz

I know the Founder and the services - you cannot go wrong with this company.

Eugene Joubert

I'm starting my training in Sensory Matrix™ with Sensory Intelligence® Consulting, and I'm impressed with the depth of the content.

Svetlana Dimovski, PhD

Currently busy with the Sensory Intelligence® course and WOW! It really opens a whole new world for me personally as well as professionally. Would really recommend it for everyone. It provides such a great basis for understanding yourself better.

Liandrie De Groot

The Sensory Intelligence® Practitioners Course is eye-opening, validating and inspirational. It is giving me insight into an approach to my clients that empowers me to treat them much more holistically. I am convicted that any coach, therapist, doctor or even teacher/lecturer must attend the course. I am sure that no one who attends will ever regret it, but will rather see it as a personal and professional investment. Dr Annemarie Lombard and her co-facilitators makes the programme easy to follow, easy to understand and always had my attention.

Jenny Nell

WOW, honestly WOW! So I am currently on the Sensory Intelligence® Training journey and it is honestly amazing! It has created so many new links for me when thinking about emotional and sensory wellbeing! Annemarie's way of delivering this information is spot on, its at the right pace, visually attractive, applied to real life and really takes care of our (the participants) sensory needs throughout! It took me a little while to understand that actually the aim of this training is to better understand yourself from the inside out (as opposed to looking at it from how can we better help our clients)! Once this concept had sunk in everything about this course has been food for my brain and all in all if I understand myself better then I can work on being the best version of myself for the people I work around and with! Thank you :)

Laura Willetts

Fantastic course! so informative, really helped me understand adults and adolescents sensory needs and how this can be applicable in mental health and work place design.

Cayley Lewin

I have absolutely loved the Sensory Intelligence® Practitioners Course. It has given me great insight to not only my own life, but those around me too. I am very much looking forward to using this information to empower the young people I work with and their families. Dr Annemarie Lombard and her co-facilitators deliver the course very well and make the programme enjoyable, relatable and easy to follow. This course is a wonderful addition to my existing skills, and I have already put some of my newfound knowledge into practice with remarkable results. I feel privileged to have been on this course. Thank you

Jolene Ironside

The Sensory Intelligence® Practitioners Course is a very interesting, enlightening and practically applicable course! I loved both the theory and practical applications for daily life. They're simple and achievable for each of us, and help towards a compassionate understanding of ourselves and others. Their effects can be far reaching at home, at work and in our relationships to others. I would highly recommend it for OT's, coaches, psychologists, people working in HR and any others involved in helping us to be our best! Thanks Annemarie and Marieta for a very useful course!

Jennifer Blenkinsop

This course has really helped consolidate my learning and understanding of the sensory system and how it can be used to benefit my clients and help them manage stress, anxiety and improve their daily quality of life. It's help me do the same for myself. Facilitators share valuable practical experiences and encourage helpful discussions.

Aimee Jansen

I've just attended the Sensory Intelligence® Practitioners course. Annemarie & Marieta, thank you so much for this wonderful course, it was fascinating, informative and delivered in such a compassionate and accessible way, which I really appreciated. I believe the sensory matrix will be a valuable tool going forward: that could enhance my practice, by enabling me to offer an holistic, unique tool and approach to support the people I work with, to improve the quality of their lives.

Joanna Sheldrake

I've just attended the Sensory Intelligence® Practitioners course. I'd like to express my gratitude for placing together a course so complex in its entirety and yet, made enjoyable to understand and also given enough tools to go ahead and implement in life. Thank you so much, you both are amazing.

Sharms D

My two words in summary of the Practitioners Course: life-changing. What stood out the most for me is that you are not broken: by adhering to your sensory needs by adjusting and creating a more conducive environment, we are able to assist people to optimise their efficacy and positively contribute to their relationships. The Sensory Matrix™ provides exceptional insight and clarity into our sensory needs that do not always enjoy the necessary attention. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, passion and hard work with us.

Monique Beukes

I attended an introduction session yesterday, by Annemarie, and was inspired by this 'new intelligence'. As a Coach I am a great believer in maximising ALL our elements of intelligence! Looking forward to pursuing the Practitioner course next year - another bow to my magic Coaching bag of tricks 😊

Denise Hunt

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, I found the content to be very relevant, well presented and engaging. Not only has it been an asset in my practice but it has also been beneficial to my personal life. Thank you for a wonderful course and tool!

Minkateko Wicht

I'm currently completing the Sensory Intelligence® Practitioners Course and I must say it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. The course is extremely well-structured, informative and engaging. Annemarie and Marieta are knowledgeable and provide great support and insight throughout the entire course. I'm gaining a lot of valuable insights into how the sensory system works and how it affects our daily lives. The practical exercises and case studies have been very helpful in applying what I'm learning to real-life situations and client cases. Overall, I highly recommend this course to OT's, coaches, trainers etc who are interested in learning about sensory processing . It's a fantastic investment in yourself and your practice. Thank you to the team at Sensory Intelligence® for providing such an amazing learning experience!

Shahida Moosa

Very well put together and takes you through a treasure trove of information you can really engage with and learn from. The Sensory Matrix™ is such a powerful and user friendly tool, I will recommend this training or anyone working in the field of mental health and well-being.

Lise van den Dool

The Comprehensive Practicioner's Training for Adult Sensory Processing course has been phenomenal! I have so enjoyed the last few weeks of learning, challenging myself and growing as an Occupational Therapist. It has been packed with information, conversations and research. I loved how practical it was, and how it was structured. I am excited to continue learning about adult sensory processing, and start putting what I have learnt into practice to benefit clients' therapy journeys. Thank you Annemarie and Marieta for sharing your knowledge and for the great course!

Lexi Stark

The Sensory Intelligence® course has been a transformative journey that has deepened my understanding of sensory needs and the vital role they play in our lives. What truly sets this course apart is its focus on self-awareness and personal growth working within your sensory threshold. Through a series of interactive exercises and self-reflection, I gained valuable insights into my own sensory preferences and how they influence my well-being. I learned to recognize and appreciate the unique sensory needs of myself and others (for example my husband), fostering a deeper sense of empathy and understanding. This course has equipped me with practical skills, fostered self-awareness, and instilled in me a greater respect for the sensory experience! I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking to enhance their Sensory Intelligence®.

Amy Novick

I thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience with the team at Sensory Intelligence®. The research and insights presented were immediately impactful for my clients. I was sharing the tools and resources with them after a few weeks. By the time the course ended I had two clients share that understanding their sensory thresholds helped them significantly at work, at home and with their partner.

Resilience and Flow

The training and resources opened up a whole new world to me! I now understand why I prefer certain situations and act when I am stressed. This has also enabled me to understand other people better and how they function.

Antoinette Greyling

This course is firstly so well organised. I have never done a course that is so perfectly run that you know exactly what is expected of you every moment. On top of that the information is absolutely fantastic. I learnt so much, so much more then I thought was possible. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone.

Nicole Duff

I cannot praise this course enough. It was the most amazing, interesting and enlightening experience. Just what I need as I am a drained and cynical OT. This has given me a new zest for OT/Coaching. I have signed up as a license holder and think the Matrix is a sensational tool.

Rianda Du Preez

This has been an amazing course. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn and to grow. It has been such a wonderful learning experience, just putting everything into context again, opening up new ways of thinking and to be able to have sound clinical reasoning and the research to back it up. There was a few light-bulb moments after the course finished, especially regarding the diagnosis of ADHD, with children and adults, and how I can structure and change our environment as a family to make it easier for everyone and myself. This will be a good exercise to be able to help other families.

Rika van der Merwe - OT

Dear Annemarie & Marieta Just a very heartfelt thank you an amazing course. The outstanding content and learning involved, challenging thoughts and actions combined with warmth, care and building community! Your understanding and kindness towards me has been a true blessing. Kindest wishes and I hope to stay in touch and continue the journey as a licenced practitioner.

Anele Griessel

This has been such a great experience. Doing the course over these few weeks has given me time to really think about the strategies and let the info sink in. Using this format of course presentation definitely works! Well done Annemarie and Marieta. Love you guys!

Helen Roome

This was a well organised and thorough course, which provided me with evidence based insight into Sensory Processing and Modulation. Well worth the time and cost.

Tania Gardiner

Really interesting course that I can definitely see application within my workplace. The senses impact and alter everything that we do and everything that we do alters or impacts our senses. This is core to activity analysis, sleep hygiene and I am not sure how we managed to do these things before doing this course. Can all OTs do this course please!

Nikki Bradley

The Comprehensive Practitioners Training for Adult Sensory Processing was extremely well managed and there was always room for adding new interesting information. My senses have been stimulated and I have a refreshed perspective and approach for managing my own clients. I can definitely recommend this for a therapist's toolkit.

Nina Engelbrecht

Thank you so much for a wonderful course and incredible content. I have gained so many insights into myself, team and husband. Already we have used strategies for sensory regulation to decrease stress and increase productivity. I can't wait to continue to utilise the tool!

Danel Craib

Brilliant course to attend. Practical ways of applying sensory snacks and diets. I would recommend all occupational therapists working in mental health (or other fields) to attend this course. Well presented. Book immediately to avoid disappointment.

Shainaaz Parker

This 3-day course was extremely insightful and so well presented by Annemarie. I liked how interactive and practical it was. I will now be able to understand others better which will empower me to read and treat patients more effectively. Anyone can benefit from this course, not only therapists. Highly recommended!

Christelle van der Merwe

Thank you so much for the time and effort that you guys put in; not only to provide the course but in setting it up, and responding to each and every comment. I love it when I see such professional behaviour from colleagues. I really liked the 12 – module on-line format and I honestly believe that I would never have derived as much benefit from a 3-day intensive course.

Michelle Leresche

I already had a good understanding of both sensory modulation and neurosciences, having studied both postgrad. However, this course brought the material alive for me and made it deeply personal, so that I will never forget it. Greater insight and understanding of oneself is an incredible gift and Annemarie facilitated this excellently. I suffer from extreme anxiety, insomnia and OCD, and medication and therapy have only helped ease the symptoms, but by making simple and practical changes to my home and work environment, adding sensory snacks and focusing on a sensory diet, I have already seen changes that I have been waiting many months for! Plus, my relationship with my husband and son has been strengthened significantly by seeing them through my ‘sensory intelligence’ glasses, and my husband is happy to be getting more time to play golf! Thank you again for a life-changing course.

Michelle Hannington

WOW WOW!!! What an amazing course – thank you so much for allowing me to be part of the course and the journey! The course has sparked so many things within me that what I initially thought I would use the course for and where I was heading seems to be developing and expanding. I am looking forward to incorporating the Sensory Matrix and all this wisdom into my future endeavours and passions.

Bronwyn Dryden

I would like to make use of this opportunity to thank both of you (Annemarie and Marieta) for the amazing knowledge and experience that you have shared. It was a wonderful privilege to learn from you and I am excited to engage more with Sensory Intelligence in the future.

Elzandri Potgieter

I did the Sensory Intelligence Practitioners Course and I can truly say that it changed my life – in lots of small, significant ways, and it changed my perspective – in a big way! It is practical and scientific-based, and it works! Thanks, Annemarie.

Marina van Zyl

I wanted to thank you so much for your time and teaching on the course. I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects but specifically looking at the research and biological components. I have used different sensory assessments in the past but I LOVE the visual presentation of this assessment but also the background information of how it came to be.

Lucinda Williams