Online Workshops 

Join our live learning journey for teams

1. Sensory Matrix™  

Unpack assessment results (Sensory Team Tree) for groups to understand differences and diversity. 

A focus on TEAM DYNAMICS. 

$99 USD per person

2. Work from home 

Create productive home working spaces by supporting your 7 senses correctly.

A focus on WHERE you work.

$99 USD per person

3. Digital wellness 

Create healthy habits around your online working methods to avoid digital fatigue. 

A focus on HOW you work. 

$99 USD per person

4. Wellness made practical

Learn and implement an easy and practical daily wellness guide for mental wellbeing. 

A focus on SELF.

$99 USD per person

5. Work-life integration

Implement healthy habits to ensure seamless integration between work and life while working from home. 

A focus on HABITS.

$99 USD per person

6. Digital communication

Learn how to communicate on digital platforms without losing humanity and connection. 

A focus on TEAMS. 

$99 USD per person